Bounce! (partly_bouncy) wrote in tbsfansunite,

Taking Back Sunday fandom help

At Fan History, we're trying to put together the most comprehensive history of music fandom and the Taking Back Sunday fandom on the Internet.

What we really need is help in fleshing out some sections of that history. Information is needed on fights that occurred in that fandom, terminology used in the fandom, influential fanworks, members of the fandom, size of the fandom, help in developing a timeline of events that took place in the fandom, and more.

If you have been involved in the Taking Back Sunday fandom and have any vague idea about the history of the community, if you're just interested in the topic, if you want to create a page to give a detailed history of your own experience in the fandom, we invite you to come over and edit your experiences and knowledge in. The more people who help write, the better and more accurate the history of the Taking Back Sunday fandom will be. Any help you can provide would be very much appreciated.
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