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! taking back sunday !

!taking back sunday!
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This was the first community for the appreciation of Long Island’s Taking Back Sunday. Over the last few years Taking Back Sunday has received much acclaim from critics across the country, gaining new fans by the day. Since their days of basement and backyard shows, they’ve come along way headlining and selling out nationwide tours. Their two previous releases, Tell All Your Friends (2002) and Where You Want to Be (2004), were put out through Victory Records. Recently they were picked up by a major label. Who knows what is in-store for the future.

And now, the guidelines of the community.

Please do not post:

- Anything having to do with rating communities. They are ridiculous, and are not pertinent to this community. Any posts having to do with such rating communities will be deleted without warning.

- If you will be making an introduction post, please try to tell us something about yourself besides the obvious, that you enjoy Taking Back Sunday.

- Grammar. Grammar. Grammar. Please try to type like a human, and not like a moron. Also, please try not to abbreviate.

- If you are going to post pictures, please do it respectively. If you have more than one image, or an extremely large image, use the lj-cut tag.

- If you don’t like here, leave.