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selling band merch to pay for car repair [10 Jul 2011|12:24am]

Hey guys, I'm selling a lot of band merch over on Tumblr. My car's A/C went out last week and I just had to drop $1500 to fix it so this will help to go pay off my credit card bills. I have old rare FOB shirts, Arma shirts and some hoodies too.

Go to my tumblr and let me know if there's anything you're interested in.

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All Ages Show/Dance Party in NYC on July 5th [01 Jul 2009|04:07pm]

It's all ages, open to the public, and all you have to do to go is click here or email rsvp@sundayschoolnyc.com

Das Racist and Team Facelift are performing live.

There's also a facebook page for it.

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[18 Aug 2008|06:23pm]

Hi TBS fans :)

I'm selling a ticket for the London Astoria gig on the 21st of august. This gig is sold out. Because of the time I can really only do a pick up sale and I'll meet you at the gig.
Not looking for much of a profit, the ticket cost me £18 all in with p&p so just make fair offers :)
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Video of Taking Back Sunday Live on SPIN.com [11 Aug 2008|04:01pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hi Everyone,
I thought you'd like our short live video of Taking Back Sunday's performance at the Virgin Mobile Fest in Baltimore, MD. Here's the link:


Let us know what you think. Thanks so much!

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[10 May 2008|08:24pm]

Hey everyone!

AlmacksDanceHall.com went to the My Chemical Romance/ Taking Back Sunday show last night at Madison Square Garden in NYC. Check out the site for more pictures and all the juicy details of the night!

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New Song [10 May 2008|04:29pm]

Haha sorry for the double post, but I went to the Madison Square Garden show last night, and they were so great. I recorded one of the new songs again and you can hear the lyrics a little bit better then in my last one so here's the video.

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Crazy Donkey show [06 May 2008|05:02pm]

Hey! I went to the show last night, and it was awesome. I put my pictures and video under the cut. I have a video of Adam introducing Matt Fazzi, Bonus Mosh, Pt. 2, the two new songs they played, and video of Adam singing with EOTC

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LI SHOW!!! [06 May 2008|01:58am]


Just got home a few hours ago from the Long Island Crazy Donkey show

It was awesome
They introduced their new guitarist, Matthew Fozzy.
He seems like an awesome guy,
a great singer (VERY similar to Fred...almost uncanny)
MATT sings now too, and he has a GREAT voice, he does backups with Fozzy.
Adams hair is old-school again, nice a short (circa, cute withoutthe E video)
...now he just needs to lose some weight.

This was their set (in no order):
-You Know How I Do (opener)
-What's It Feel Like To Be A Ghost
-Up Against
-Error Operator
-Set Phasers To Stun
-Bonus Mosh
-A Decade Under The Influence
-180 By Summer
-Cute Without The E
-2 brand spankin' new songs (BOTH AWESOME)
-MakeDamnSure (last song)

no encore,
they say theyre "done with that"
I hope this is not true...the encore is usually one of the best parts of a live show

So anyone seeing them Friday the 9th,
Im sure you can expect a similar set

All in all,
anyone else go?!!?

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[24 Apr 2008|05:10pm]

Hello! Anyone going to the Long Island show on 5/5? I can't believe they're playing the Crazy Donkey, it's so small. This is going to be incredible.

Also, MSG that Friday is gonna be awesome. I have so many shows that week, lmao but I'm most excited to see TBS!
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Merch for sale? [19 Apr 2008|08:04pm]

Hey everyone. Im new to this community so delete if this is against any rule.
I was just wondering if anyone was selling any old merch from TBS.

like the Proudly Swinging shirt or the Quien Es Mas Macho? shirt.
or anything old basically.
let me know thanks!! :)
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Tickets? [16 Mar 2008|10:40pm]

hello people.i was just wondering if anyone had an extra ticket [and is willing to sell obviously] for their show with MCR on May 9th.If its general admission,then I'm willing to pay anything for it.

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Taking Back Sunday fandom help [15 Mar 2008|12:21pm]

At Fan History, we're trying to put together the most comprehensive history of music fandom and the Taking Back Sunday fandom on the Internet.

What we really need is help in fleshing out some sections of that history. Information is needed on fights that occurred in that fandom, terminology used in the fandom, influential fanworks, members of the fandom, size of the fandom, help in developing a timeline of events that took place in the fandom, and more.

If you have been involved in the Taking Back Sunday fandom and have any vague idea about the history of the community, if you're just interested in the topic, if you want to create a page to give a detailed history of your own experience in the fandom, we invite you to come over and edit your experiences and knowledge in. The more people who help write, the better and more accurate the history of the Taking Back Sunday fandom will be. Any help you can provide would be very much appreciated.
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The Color Fred- Bend to Break [02 Dec 2007|10:51pm]

Former Taking Back Sunday Guitarist/Vocalist Fred Mascherino just released his debut album on Equal Vision records. I was pleasantly suprised by how accessable the sound is, and i highly recommend it to fans of good pop rock. Anyone pick it up?

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[27 Oct 2007|10:58am]

Check out thesensations
thesensations is a community where you can meet new people with common interests in music as you. They're are always posts about news in music, and there are very few rules to the community. So, go join thesensations today!
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for sale [14 Oct 2007|11:30pm]

To any one interested i am selling two TBS items:

Taking Back Sunday jacket from the Louder Now tour- Girls Medium


Taking Back Sunday Louder Now tour tee - Youth Large (14-16)

Both items are:
-From a smoke/pet free home
-In great condition and free of any stains, rips, or holes
-Worn a maximum of 3 times

if anyone is intrested you can email me at: AARooney26@aol.com
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Fred is leaving Taking Back Sunday [04 Oct 2007|04:52pm]

Fred is leaving TBS to pursue solo career.  You can read the press release at MusicvsMusic.com
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[24 Aug 2007|10:59pm]

hey guys! I've been trying to figure something out and I figured you guys might know, so here it goes.

Do any of you know when John Nolan got married? If so, TELL!!

thanks so much!
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8.22.07 [24 Aug 2007|01:42pm]
Check out my journal to read about my experience at Projekt Rev and how I got to meet Adam of TBS and Frank and Toro of MCR. PICTURES INCLUDED. And hilarious misfortunes. You have to be my friend to read it though, so I'll have to friend you.
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FOR SALE: Pair of Tickets to Projekt Revolution - Boston Date [21 Aug 2007|03:29pm]

I have a pair of tickets that can't be used because I'm getting my wisdom teeth out just the day before (bad timing, I know!).

They are covered seat, section 5 at Tweeter Center on Aug. 24th. I paid 150$ for the pair and would like as close to that as possible (basically best offer!).

More info can be found here.

Any questions or interests can be directed to my email at katie.schaefer@gmail.com

(x-posted, sorry for any inconvenience)
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Hello, I'm Amanda June with Scream Louder Media and we recently took pictures of Taking Back Sundayon the Projekt Revolution Tour. Just click HERE to check out the blog.
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